Reading Resources

Beaufort Public Library

With thousands of free books to choose from, Beaufort Public Library is a great place to jumpstart your child's love of reading! You can even download an app to borrow e-books!

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Allendale Hampton Jasper Regional Library

Jasper Public Library is a great place to get your child reading! They even offer an app to borrow e-books! 

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Fun, Games and Reading for the little ones!

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Magic Keys

Magic Keys has books online for your child to read. Check them out for a real-reading experience complete with pictures. This site has a little bit for every age group. 

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StoryJumper has plenty of free audible books for your little ones to enjoy. When he/she is ready, they can opt out of audio and read on their own!

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NOOK Books

For the teens! NOOK Books is a free app downloaded to your tablet or smartphone.

*Please note: Not all books are free and not all books are for teens. Please monitor downloads.

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