What’s Happening at ACP?

Itchy, puffy, and watery eyes, OH MY!

Welcome to Springtime in the Lowcountry! In addition to the beautiful foliage, your little one may be experiencing some not-so-pleasant springtime gifts: allergies. To help soothe some of the symptoms, encourage kids to wash their hands as much as possible. If your child has asthma, be sure to have controller medications on hand in case of an asthma flare. If you are having trouble controlling your child’s allergy symptoms or if you need to make an asthma follow-up, please call one of our offices!

New Service!

ACP is now offering Nexplanon! If your daughter is interested in long-acting reversible contraception, Nexplanon may be right for her. Please call one of our offices for an appointment to discuss the birth control options available.

More Hours!

We are now open Saturday mornings: 8am-12pm!

What Our Patients Say

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